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Attorneys will have 24 hour 7 days a week access to Thirty33 Legal Suites, including access to the modern and clean conference room and reception area.  Security is not a problem as each pod gives the attorney access to their own secure storage system to ensure privacy and confidentiality.  Included in the monthly flat rate is access to all amenities.  There is no nickel and diming… copies, scanning, snacks, phone calls, etc. are all included. Reserve your space today »»



Our reception area is a clean and modern space that will make your clients feel comfortable and make you look professional. A receptionist will be on staff at the front desk making sure to take care of all your clients needs.



Conference Room

The conference room takes styling clues from some of the hottest tech firms in the Bay Area to make our conference room have the look and feel of a modern, professional conference room that is sure to impress your clients.


Pod - Room 1

Pod 1 is great for individuals or a small group, the dividers can be removed to allow for more collaborative work space or left in place to give you privacy, keep noise down and allow you to concentrate on your work.


Pod - Room 2

Pod 2 is a private space perfect for partners, or an attorney with a small staff. Extra desk can be added for your legal secretary, intern, or a partner that doesn’t spend a lot of time in the office. The options are endless.



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